Letter to HART

Greetings to the Team,

Your Report which ends, “You who have reached the pinnacle, remain as a guiding light to us all” encouraged me to drop you a line, as I have reached the pinnacle being half way through my 94th year!

I have been particularly interested in the subject ever since I read a publication entitled ‘Stepping Out Towards Retirement’ published in 1978 by Radio New Zealand when I myself was approaching retirement.

I had never ever given a thought to retirement and it served as a timely wake-up call.  By the time we both retired in 1987 I had realised the importance of sensible preparation and persuaded the Board to allow me to conduct Seminars for Staff on a 6 months trial.  In the event they were so successful they went on for 2 years, involving over 200 Hospital Staff.  I have all the documentation and feedback responses from the participants.  Then economic circumstances intervened and the seminars were discontinued.  They had certainly proved their value.  When I used to tell participants they would have an extra 2000 hours a year to spend when they retired, it really made them think!  I never had groups larger than 12 to ensure ample opportunity for interaction and discussion.  Each Seminar extended over three weeks.

In recent years we have been inundated with the prospect of the approaching retirement of the Baby Boomers and the problems that will descend upon us.

Up until your recent projects eventuated I had seen no reports of Baby Boomers themselves being asked what their views on impending retirement were.  It is long overdue and you are all to be congratulated on breaking new ground.

Every generation is different as are the economic environments at the time.  Advancing technology is an obvious example.  I myself am currently exploring my iPad and its mysteries and having a ball in the process!